Our mission

This is a store that you can feel good about purchasing from! I want to formally apologize to you on the fact that I had several issues uploading the pictures. I had to upload a very not so good picture of a picture. I am trying to work on this issue now. I want you to be able to know EXACTLY what you are purchasing. I want you to be happy. We are environmentally conscious of how we manufacture our product. INSPIRED TOGETHER FOREVER is a company that uses paper packaging that can be used as a tape measure to help put our iron-on patches on. We made sure that we sourced our items that make our final product, solely from companies that are here in America. Our products give jobs to Americans! I want to keep our economy going with just one simple purchase a day. We supports several small business by making our product. This company is a small, woman owned business. I want to say that I pride myself on my ability to communicate with a customer. I want you to be happy, because in the end I do not have a business without you! I want and need you happy with your purchase, so lets make it happen. Purchase some letters to use on a T-shirt, a bag, apron, shoes, and more! We release a new letter several times a week. Sign up your email with us to receive an email with our newest releases. Our store also prides itself on being honest and upfront with every single aspect of our operations. We appreciate you!
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